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Atlante army styled mega yacht launched by CRN
DEAL 1 – 28% OFF

We provide you with yachting services at pocket-friendly prices. We are the only yacht offering high quality services at a cheap cost in Dubai,28% off on a Medium luxury Yacht charter in Dubai. Charter our yacht of 10 people for 2 hours for only AED 1000 instead of AED 1400.

Explore the majestic views of Dubai’s fascinating and ever changing architecture. The yacht cruise starts from east side of Dubai Marina lake, cruising along the closest views of a 360-degree twisted tower, renowned Buddha Bar whilst watching the skydivers landing on various drop zones.

DEAL 2 – 17% OFF

17% off on a luxury Yacht charter in Dubai. Charter yacht for 2 hours for 18 people for only AED 1500 instead of AED 1999.

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