Yacht Charter Dubai

You must have fun while you are still under the sun! We offer our clients with yacht and fishing charter services and give you the freedom of being in the open sea and experience a fresh ocean breeze which will bring smile to your face. Our luxury yacht rental dubai are fixed with the modern fishing equipment. Some of the fish you can catch are Emperor, Catfish, Trivially, Small Barracuda, Sea Bream, Grouper and Small Sharks. So, without a second thought get yourself on board with Yacht Charter Dubai.



We have a fleet of luxury yacht charter Dubai. we have a perfect match for your requiremetns from organizing corporate , leisure and team building events to High sea fishing trips,or romantic walks to the sun’sets. The renting of our boats can be done on a daily or multi-day amazing packages. We also offer catering and luxury transfer services to point of departure. Our rental service vessels are very convenient and secure and equipped with safety equipment so as to ensure your security.

AED 500-600 Per Hour


  • Lenght: 36 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 10 Guests
AED 900-1100 PER HOUR

Captains Queen

  • Lenght: 44 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 10 Guests
AED 700-900 PER HOUR

XT Sea

  • Lenght: 50 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 19 Guests
AED 1000-1200 Per Hour

Sea Breeze

  • Lenght: 50 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 18 Guests
AED 1500-1800 Per Hour


  • Lenght: 75 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 35 Guests
AED 3000-3500 Per Hour

Lady of Sea

  • Lenght: 88 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 45 Guests
AED 2000-2250 Per Hour


  • Lenght: 88 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 26 Guests
AED 2000-2500 Per Hour

Al Khan

  • Lenght: 90 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 50 Guests
AED 1600-1800 Per Hour


  • Lenght: 85 Feet Yacht
  • Capacity: 44 Guests

Yachting: 360 entertainment and so much more

Why rent yachts through platforms like yacht rental Dubai?

Planning a luxury boat party in Dubai one simply cannot overlook the fun and adventure Yachts can bring to the table. Yachting has to be the most beautiful sport ever. It’s an experience like no other where you get to play around the water over the deep blue waves of the ocean and feel yourself lost in an ambiance which is so soothing and peaceful to the soul. The kind of feeling that you achieve from yacht needs a whole new list of words to describe. It’s a magical experience that drives people to a different zone and simultaneously to a different state of mind. People with the privileges who own private yachts go on yachting to experience a soothing escapade and let their minds free for a while whenever the feel the need of it. While those who cannot afford to buy a yacht of their own, acquire the adventure of sailing from one coastal territory to another by renting affordable Dubai yachts rentals.

Learning to sail is not a difficult venture. Some people have this perception about yachting that this can only be done by the professionals, whereas, this is a complete fallacy. The art of yachting can be practiced by everyone who is willing to learn a few techniques and tips.

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Experience the time of your life through yacht charter Dubai!

Cruising on a giant yacht or on a yacht hire Dubai boats, both create an atmosphere that will make sure you don’t get bored. There is so much you can do under the sun on a yacht on its upper main deck to have the time of your life. Like you could invite a bunch of friends and party with them and enjoy a crazy time together on the surface of your luxurious yacht charter Dubai. It is a perfect platform to share a certain set of fun activities with friends and family and create memories which you can cherish and reminisce later in life.

Explore the city in a new way

Cruising over yacht charter Dubai bring a unique perspective and experience to the table. It’s fascinating to know that sailing across the Dubai Marina allows you explore the city as well as contribute to such mesmerizing sightseeing experience.

Sailing is a soothing experience and serenity help calm a troubled mind. Spending some quality time off from the hectic life is definitely much-needed you craved. Going out on a yacht hire Dubai with your friends and family help you strengthen the bond you are share with them. Getting together for a yachting helps you make precious memories and brings closer to your loved ones. Yacht cruising in Dubai especially beneficial for all looking for a unique getaway.

Sit Back and Relax

Are you looking to have the best time at the deck? The yacht charter Dubai offer the best time out for you along with all amenities aboard. With a reliable yacht hire Dubai, there is no need to take the pain of riding your boat. All stuff is handled by a professional captain onboard. Just sit back and enjoy the mysteries of sea. You’ll also spot mammals and species that might be new to you. If you’re lucky enough, spot a shark or two on the way. Take a deep breath and enjoy the stunning views in the middle of the sea.

Ride smoothly to the sea where you can also begin your fishing expeditions. It’s an exciting adventure for the first-time travelers. The hassle-free cruising on the sea water will uncover the perfect vacations in Dubai.

Adventures, adventures!

Sailing is not only restricted to activities such as spending your time sipping on your lemonade on the lower or the upper main deck of the yacht. It is ten times more than that. Trying out certain exciting and thrilling adventures while afloat on a cruise ship or a yacht has its own rewards. Activities like dicing, snorkeling, boat surfing or tubing are equally amazing and relaxing to reinforce the fun during a Luxury yacht charter Dubai trip. Irrespective of your status of a novice or a skilled diver equipped with a good experience, taking care of a certain set of things is very much essential before you try and go on your yacht adventure.
There are different types of yachts for customers to choose from before they plan their next trip. Mala.ae has a wide range of divergent yachts that fall into one of the following categories.

Cruiser Yacht

Cruiser yachts range in size from 23 feet to 46 feet. They are associated with comfort, speed and lightness. These yacht hire Dubai are usually equipped with three berth cabins, a regular or a large saloon combined with a gallery and many other facilities provided to the passengers who get onboard. These boats are the best for water sports. They sometimes have two hulls which provide them with a very airy feel inside the yachts. The design of these boats is the best for short holidays and also for speed racing on the wild waves of the deep blue ocean water.

Weekender Yachts

Weekender Yachts are the smallest type of yachts with a length of about 30 feet. Due to their limited capacity they have small cabins hence the accommodation is also a little limited which allows only 2 to 3 people on each cabin. Weekender party yacht rental Dubai have twin kneels and both let the boats cruise close to the water that is not too deep. These kneels are fitted on the bottom of the yachts which let the yacht stay on the beach. These yachts are the top picks if you want to go on a short venture via the sea route.

Luxury Yachts

These yachts in Dubai are comparatively larger than other types of yachts with a length of about 82 feet. With their commodious and super spacious nature they have a capacity to accommodate about 60 people onboard. These yachts provide comfort, luxury and all the amenities that a boat can offer along with extra luxuries. These yachts are generally used for personal luxurious parties arranged by the owners. They also have an enormous setting for entertainment.

Racer Yachts

These yacht rental abu dhabi are specifically built basically for the prime purpose of racing. They have a cabin comfort to have different features that make the boat slightly a lightweight enough to reach a speed up to 35 knots. These boats are designed to minimize the wet surface area to make sure the hull of the boats stay lightweight and have very wide beams and flat bottoms to give them extra buoyancy. These yachts are popular amongst sports enthusiasts and water adventure lovers.

Mega Yachts

These yachts are the largest yachts with a staggering length of about 80 feet or more . Which not only makes yachting Dubai full of amazing experienceing amenities but also make them suitable for different events, parties, business meet ups and any sort of large gathering . The most sought after yachts for parties and events are mega yachts where people can invite their friends and family in a large number and have the time of their life while afloat.


The first thing that comes in the mind of a luxury traveler when he hears the word summers is ‘Yacht Party’. Summers call for a long party on a yacht charter Dubai with all close friends and family. Party yacht rental Dubai services allows you to fancy sailing on a floating yacht at night under the dark sky is absolutely worth all the money. Also, a quiet yacht journey under the starry sky is definitely THE THING. Just as much as a night Yacht party is all fun and excitement, partying at the morning or day time too has its rewards. We believe it is really worth all the time and money to relax and have fun on a yacht under the sun.

Sailing in nice and warm summers onboard the best trackside yacht with your friends and totally leaving all the worries and stress on the land is the best idea of a party. People who love to travel and always crave for spending a good amount of enjoyable time out in an unexplored place must plan out a week of fun, pure enjoyment and luxury in the middle of the exquisite sea. All it requires is a Yacht Hire Dubai that floats and some good amount of money to cruise on.
Whether it’s a birthday, wedding party, anniversary, bridal showers, candle light dinners, baby showers, grad night, retirement celebration, New Year party, corporate parties, all these events can be best celebrated on a yacht trip Dubai. The fun of partying while afloat has its own perks which once experienced will make you forget about the regular parties on the land.

Sail before the veil!

Is your best friend’s wedding around the corner and you just can’t help but panic and have anxieties about how to throw the best bachelorette party for her that she totally deserves? We have got the perfect solution for this worry of yours! Plan a unique rent a yacht in Dubai party for her and surprise her like never before. Her enjoyment is hundred percent guaranteed. What’s better for a bride-to-be than spending the most important party of her life on a luxurious yacht with her close friends and family members in the middle of the ocean on the blue ocean waves and the giant sun over her head? This is something nobody can afford missing out on.

Birthday Party over the waters

If you have a loved one who has his birthday to come, you are definitely not lacking on a plan for venue. Yachts are the best spots to celebrate a birthday party on. Plan up a birthday party by calling boat rental Dubai now book a yacht and start a new journey of your life on the peaceful atmosphere above the water. You can throw the most epic yacht birthday party ever and have an experience that will remain unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Light those candles on your dinner

Planning to surprise your better half in the most romantic way ever? Take them to a have candle light dinner on a yacht which will double your love and let your loved one know how valuable they are for you. This is the best way to show your love to them and make them feel very special. The ambiance and environment of the yacht will drive your partner crazy for you and make them fall deeper in your love. Pick up your phone and have a look on amazing yacht deals Dubai.

Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate you wedding anniversary onboard with the partner of your life. Easy Yacht offers wedding yacht charter Dubai the most affordable yachting services for couples in love to spend their anniversary in the most romantic way. Hop on a yacht with your spouse and spend a lovely time together!

Plan a corporate event onboard

Sea has to be one of the best destinations to plan up corporate events such as meetings etc. The peaceful environment helps the smooth running of decision making and help people to concentrate. Yacht rental for deals usually offer an ambiance sought by these business people making it the top pick among them for a meeting set up.
Not only these but you can plan and celebrate all your events on a yacht and make them a dozen of times more happening and fun filled.
To reinforce the party you can plan a theme as well. The most followed themes include the following:

Oscar night themed party

This is going to be an absolute bomb of a party. Plan out a Oscar night themed party. Start with looking for a good super yacht rental Dubai to begin with. The bigger the yacht, the more guests you will be able to invite over and entertain. Decorate the yacht as per the fancy theme and dress up as your favorite star. You can ask the guests too to dress up as famous celebs to glam things up. End the day with a small awards ceremony and distribute awards to the guests according to their personalities.

‘Back to past’ themed party

This is one of the most favorite themes of the people and it never goes out-dated. A party with a theme based on 90’s is all about bringing together fun and entertainment to the table. Ask all the people you are intending to invite to dress up as a 90’s person. Decorate the yacht hire Dubai thing as per the theme and include games as well. 90’s party on a cruising boat has its own rewards. Get all your friends and family members onboard and kick an amazing party!

Be well equipped before you lose the ropes of your yacht and then plan to start your adventure!

People often overlook the importance of packing up well before leaving for a venture as big as an Dubai yacht rental party and end up with a packing disaster. It is certainly a thing to worry about if you later realize that you forgot to take an essential or two. There is no way out of a situation like this because you are definitely not going to find THAT essential from anywhere between the sea. It is always very best to pack up well and make sure you take along all that you may require on your journey over the sea.
To save yourself from the trouble of making a ‘what to pack’ list, read along and find out some of the most important yet over rated things you must take on your yacht charter.

An easy to carry luggage

For the starters make up your mind about the type of luggage you want to take along that doesn’t take too much space yet carries all your essentials within it. Storage is always an issue onboard. Though some yachts such as The Lotus Yacht rental Dubai and The Majesty Emerald in Dubai are very spacious and can accommodate a large luggage but generally it is advisable to take a soft luggage so that it can be easily be carried, taken and put anywhere.

Shield against sun! (A good sunscreen)

Nothing can spoil your fun while cruising more than the nasty sunburns that you get due to the exposure to sun. Being in water is excitement and very wonderful but it can totally get ruined when the sun leaves its mark on your skin. The best possible care for your skin against sun burn is to put on a high factor sunscreen that suits your skin. Just toss on sunscreen in your luggage and be safe. Book party yacht Dubai now!

Proper meds

Though it is strictly recommendable to the people with mild sea sickness to avoid events that involve going to a boat but we won’t suggest you to be deprived of the fun. Take along the important over-the-counter drugs to fight any sickness that occurs mid-party or mid-fun.

All the right Accessories

Make sure you have all the correct things that which are suitable for a ride on a yacht. Throw in some sandals for a good navigate so that you can balance out your walk on the slippery desks and platforms. Put on some shades to escape the tortures of the scorching sun. Take along a body lotion to dodge the sun planning to give you a bad tan or sun bite on the skin.

Your absolute fun Kit

To double the fun and entertainment, always take a fun kit along. Book private yacht Dubai. If you are a diver, take along your own Snorkel and a mask and dive through the fresh ocean waters to experience the time of your life. It is seriously a deprivation if you go sailing and come back without snorkeling or diving from over the yacht.

The Glory of a Sailing Adventure on a beautiful luxury Yacht

If partying on a cruising yacht over the deep blue waves of the ocean water is what makes you go crazy, then this is definitely the correct thing you are reading right now. Yacht trip on a luxurious Dubai cruise ship has become the talk of the town for all the luxury travel enthusiasts. Not only them but people who have a limited budget too can make their dream of sailing on a yacht come true. Adventure sailing trips have become increasingly popular all over the globe especially among the Middle Eastern cities such as Dubai. The privilege of beholding and experiencing the beautiful and enchanting coastline of the destination, the illuminating and striking blue horizon are absolutely a treat to watch and a sight for sour eyes.
There are a hundred other reasons why cruising on a beautiful luxury yacht is an absolute delight, some of them are listed below. Read along and get allured along the way to plan on your next yacht trip.

A tranquil affair

A sailing adventure can be a total soul rejuvenating process for some people. It has the ability to release the stress and bring about a new person in you who will feel fresh and active after the adventure. Cruising on a nice yacht charter Dubai with a bunch of close friends and family members will suck out all the negative energy and let you have the best time of your life.

A comfortable adventure

Sailing adventures are eminently hassle-free because throughout the entire voyage there are no stressing hotel check ins and check outs. No taxi rides to get bored and tired in, and no need to go out in search of food. Once you’re aboard a sailing yacht, life takes a turn down super easy street. Use the enormous sun as your watch, the beautiful coastline as your map, and the cool wind as your guide.

Super peaceful ambiance

The atmosphere that you are surrounded with while on a yacht is an exceptionally magical and unique experience. It is imminently peaceful and diverts your mind away from all the worries and tiring tensions of your life. This is the main reason why corporate people go out for private yacht charters for their business meetings. The peaceful surrounding positively effect their decision-making process and let them make sound decisions which they do not regret later.

Engrossment to life

Because many people today are strongly multi-taskers, they should develop a deep sense of concentration. With the ultimate goal of staying safe while onboard, sailing enhances a person’s ability to focus even when they have multiple number of tasks at hand. Sailing on a cruise is sure to get you on this state of mind where you concentrate on life with multiple tasks on hand.

A vigorous journey

Many of the people have a travelling sickness trauma. But while sailing onboard a luxury yacht Dubai, travel sickness is a thing of past. In open air and between breathtaking views you cannot even think about anything else but peace. Take a nice book, spend pleasure-full time here and forget there exists something by the name of travel sickness. It’s a stress free and sickness resistant journey.

Things To Do on Yacht in Dubai

You can never be short of reasons why you should go and visit the United Arab Emirates. This small beautiful land nestled in the heart of Gulf area of the map, is rich with cultural and modern luxuries. Although the big cities of UAE such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are all richly equipped with modern architecture and tall sky scrapers, but most of what makes this region special and a complete must-visit place is its desert. And fortunately there are about a number of ways to see and explore the desert. Apart from all that, bars and club, the night life, amazing adventurous theme parks and world class infrastructure. There is so much to experience and enjoy, to make your time memorable here.
The heart of UAE, Dubai is an absolutely beautiful place. Initially it was just a desert with Arab Bedouin as its only dwellers. It’s amazing to see how this city has evolved over the period of time and has completely transitioned into a whole new city successfully making it to the list of world’s top metropolitan cities.
This city along with others in UAE has a lot to offer to the visitors and the tourists. The natural beauty, the man made beauty in the shape of tall and architecturally perfect monuments and buildings, the old archeological sites and so much more.
The ardent travel enthusiasts who have a limited time on their schedule and want to explore the offerings of Dubai, we have jot down the ultimate 3-day itinerary to help you have an amazing time on the soil of Dubai that too, on a yachting Dubai experience to extract out the highest levels of fun from your trip.

Day 1, Hit the sea and dive down a utopia!

On the first day we suggest that you allow your Captain to escort you through where you can plunge into an underwater utopia, heaving with bright and colorful, tropical fish and adorned with kaleidoscopic coral. Spend the afternoon sipping on your lemonade and taking advantage of the water toys or soaking up the sun on the beach.

Day 2, Go deep-sea fishing!

What’s a yachting Dubai experience if you do not try out some deep-sea fishing ventures? Drag your friends along and together catch giant fishes. Add some fishes to your basket, let the crew cut and make a dinner out of it for you and enjoy a hot savory meal onboard.

Day 3, Sail, Dive, Snorkel

Arm up well, take a deep breath and plunge into the world of happiness. Snorkel at the enchanting miles of tranquility under the city and drench into a beautiful time that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Black Princess – Magnificently unequalled beauty

If by now you have prepared your mind for going on a charter vacation, then this beauty has to be the best pick for this purpose. The staggering elegance possessed by this yacht is totally unrivalled. To experience the spectacular sights of Dubai’s enchanting skyline, Black Princess Yacht is the ultimate exciting and adventurous source to achieve the purpose. With its ample space, intricately attractive layouts and intelligent modern technology, it has earned the top space in the list of best luxury yachts in Dubai in no time. Black Princess Yacht has a list of distinctive features that gives it a competitive edge against its contemporaries.

Eminently Commodious

Business events are required to be set up in a peaceful environment so that the decision making is not disturbed due to any petty or big reason. For the same purpose, you need a good amount of space, proper substantial space to carry out the meetings and obtain good results ultimately. Black Princess Yacht is excellently spacious with a staggering size of 101 foot. With its enormously big lower and upper decks, it celebrates big gatherings and gigantic functions. The spacious main deck also allows you to have a full panoramic view of illustrious skyline.

Well equipped Crew

From booking an experienced charter crew who are confident in dealing with big gatherings and off-site caterers to ensuring that the accommodation onboard your charter yacht is suited to your party, you are able to create a tailor made occasion like no other. Black Princess is equipped with well trained skilled team of many staff members who are adept and hundred percent professional at what they do. They are perfectly trained to make your trip or business meeting successful and make sure everything goes as smooth and proper as you planned. It is safe to say that the crew of Black Princess Yacht rental Dubai services has the perfect set of skills to let you have a top-notch holiday experience with your family while onboard.

Cutting Edge Design

The super sleek design and extraordinary trend-setting styling gives it absolutely the same ambiance required for a luxury family holiday trip on a yacht. It is lavishly equipped with wooden flooring, highly sophisticated and modern layouts, superb choice of trendy hues and amazingly attractive design. It is suitable for corporate events as well as which is such an imposing sight that it will give very positive effects to your decision making process.
Desert Rose Yacht boasts some aesthetically attractive elements resulting in the ultimate pleasures of cruising on a yacht with amazingly large spaces.

Other big, imperial and prepossessing yachts

Lady of sea, Lady of our hearts

Lady of sea, always spotted gracing the Dubai oceans, has the perfect flexible layout for hosting the guests afloat. With 1 properly trained captain and 3 crew members, this ultra luxurious yacht that has 2 cabins is an absolute babe. One thing that makes its customer super satisfied and comfortable is the abundance of space. Lady of sea is the best for wondrous parties, intimate gatherings and extravagant events. It is about 88 ft big and excessively elegant.

Al Khan, the majestic Yacht

This vision of a yacht is a great charter for a seriously glamorous event. It is very much spacious and its super great sound system has a party mode that provides music to all the decks. The mix of cool and flowing entertaining area stretches up to great area. It is one of the best exotic yachts for all the luxury lovers. This supreme yacht rental Dubai has what you desire to avail from a truly lavish yacht.

Lotus Yacht, the gigantic masterpiece

This piece of an art offers the most amazing and luxurious yachting Dubai experience in the world. It has all that requires to provide you with an unforgettable trip. It is the best choice for business events as it has an amazing amount of space that can serve a large group of guests with ease. It has a luxury cinema which is equipped with 70 seats who can get entertained there.

The delightful royal!

Hop abroad and enjoy an evening on yacht in Dubai, where fun and entertainment meets traditional and modern Middle Eastern culture. This is definitely the perfect blend to experience a heartwarming journey in the sea. Privileges convenience above all else, the crew of yacht takes care of its passengers whole heartedly. They offer delicious and scrumptious food, great ambiance, and a completely amazing experience. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a nice dinner on this yacht.

Yachting 101: Tips ahoy!

Now that you have almost come to the end of this virtual guide on yachting, its almost about time we leave you with some essential tips before you kick start a venture on a yacht. If you are a novice or a skilled person with enough sailing experience on your plate, you need these tips ahead of your next yachting journey to ensure safety and fun.

Enjoy all while you can!

Enjoy all while you can and all that you can. Make arrangements for your enjoyment by yourself and make the most of your time while onboard because the time is not going to repeat itself.

Give the staff their due share of respect

It is very important that you do not overlook the need of respecting the crew of the Yacht Dubai. These people really deserve all the respect in the world because of their extremely difficult job which they do all day long to make your experience good and worthy.

Give the staff a break and let them do their work

Be it the chef or the stewardess, each play a very significant role in making your time enjoyable on the waves. So let them work and give them there due space so that they can concentrate and give you their hundred percent of the efforts.

Make sure you save yourself from the illegal

We totally understand how fun and exciting it is to party on a yacht in Dubai. But sometimes people get way too carried away and end up doing illegal things. It is highly recommended to keep away from the mess and save yourself from anything that can land you in trouble.

Try not to depend too much on the crew

The crew unquestionably has got your back to save you from the trouble of most of your work. But putting your hands up in the ear and completely leaving everything for the crew or staff to do is totally a “don’t”. Make sure you do not over allot duties.

Arm up well!

It is very important to make sure you are fully armed and well-equipped with essentials as well as other things for a yacht ride because you do not want to end up being deprived of an essential in the middle of the blue waves.

Take along a proper luggage

Pick a suitable luggage for your trip. Storage is a major issue in certain Dubai yachts. Take a luggage that can accommodate all your stuff but is not too big at the same time.
A yacht is a perfect place to provide you with 360 entertainment after which you can rightfully claim to have experienced the most amazing time of your life ever.
If you have been allured enough to plan out a sailing program, we have all your support. But before you decide anything, browse through our website to learn about the exciting packages we offer to our customers.
Sail, party, repeat!

Highly Recommended! Best yacht hire Dubai amazing experience on this wonderful yacht. We thoroughly enjoyed our time If you’re visiting Dubai, don’t forget Easyyacht Charter Thank you



We usually work hard to ensure that your event at our yacht is the best and memorable. Our yachts offer spectacular settings in which you can hold your events. We plan very well for your event so that we can meet your expectations. Some of the events we plan for include corporate events, get-togethers, birthdays and wedding ceremonies. Our yachts are very luxurious and attractive to guests attending all types of events.


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