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We operate fleet of luxury private yachts for hire & fishing charter in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? As good it gets!

Welcome to the™ official site. Founded in 2007, Easy Yacht owns and operates a luxury yacht fleet for Dubai charter Yacht and yacht cruises in Dubai. Six years in Dubai, Easy Yacht is considered one of the top yacht operators in the U.A.E. Easy Yacht currently operates ten luxury yachts along the breathing Dubai’s & Abu Dhabi’s coastline. We plan and arrange exotic yacht cruises from, around and alongside Dubai’s sea coastline. Our experience and knowledge in the yacht charter business enables us to cater to almost any particular yacht charter needs from organizing personal yacht cruise events, including celebrating birthdays and weddings, to handling large corporate events onboard any of our luxury yachts in Dubai. Whether you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful escape or an exhilarating cruise activity at sea, we will be delighted to arrange a yacht charter package tailored to your needs and requirements.


We own, maintain and operates yachts for charter on hourly basis. We charter yachts for short and long cruises, to host birthdays, weddings, proms and any other event, small or big, but that matters to you including valentines and social gatherings. Some of our clients hire yachts to launch their business products or services as part of their business public relation campaigns.

  • Charter luxury yachts
  • Charter luxury cruises
  • Catering & events management
  • Exotic limousine services

How we do it?

We love yachting and been in the business long enough to be able to venue and professionally arrange for any event type onboard any of our luxury yachts and tailor exciting yachts cruises loaded with fun and excitement. It out of this love and understanding that we managed to withhold a firm footstep in the charter business and continue to grow every year.

  • Ethically and professionally
  • Listen to your feedback
  • Pursue our guests satisfaction
  • Always offer you added value

What’s next?

Well; that’s a challenge we face on daily basis. We continue to listen to our clients, build on their feedback and continue to hunt for the best yachts to further expand our yacht fleet so we give you, our guest, the best possible yachting experience whether you choose to charter our yachts for a cruise, a fishing trip, or host a personal or corporate event.

We have major plans in pipe and by the end of this year, easyyacht plans to expand it yachts fleet from eight to sixteen luxury yachts, making us one of the major yacht charter player in Dubai’s market. Our plans include tailoring yacht cruise packages that goes beyond Dubai’s coastline boundaries to charter yachts in other emirates including Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ras Al Kheima. In short, its you, our guest that drives us to work harder, plan further and do it ethically and professionally because we know that through you, easyyacht exists and grows. We are always listening and appreciate your feedback and suggestions, so do not hesitate to call, write or drop by and have a cup of coffee with us.

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