Where to celebrate birthday in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE is full of miraculous places and venues. Parties at beautiful beaches, deserts and Islands, Dhow cruises, hotels, make a new Birthday celebration in a delightful style. If you’re celebrating your upcoming birthday in Abu Dhabi, find yourself lucky as Abu Dhabi is enriched with wonderful birthday ideas for all ages in a style. Birthday parties at one of the bellowed described venues offer full excitement as it’s not only a matter of place but also the decorations, birthday cake, beverages, arrangements, planning as well as organizing all by professionals. However, our handpicked ideas will surely remain in your mind forever in order to celebrate the birthday of your kid or your own to cherish in a unique manner.

  • Villa Toscana

In terms of the best venues for celebrating birthdays, Villa Toscana is undeniably to cherish an unforgettable rendezvous in Abu Dhabi. The venue allows you to enjoy the rightly flavored yet very simple Italian as well as Tuscan cuisine. A birthday celebration at Villa Toscana is a way more to witness the elegance of hand-crafted Italian delicacies. You’ll be surprised to know that the interior of this traditional Italian restaurant is featuring murals covering the ceilings and walls of the dining room along with a line of vintage-style wooden furniture. For super- an amazing birthday party experience, Villa Toscana is a majestic place offering you an exceptional and unique experience in Abu Dhabi.

  • Fun city Abu Dhabi

In terms of popular birthday party venues in Abu Dhabi, Fun City is the popular for little kids. The place allow you have some quality fun time for your little ones while you sit back and relax. It’s glad to know that Fun city is responsible to take care of all the birthday planning. The venue is extremely popular among Abu Dhabi families as it keeps one to 12-year old offering them video games, thrilling rides, as well as bouncy soft play areas on a safe platform.

  • Yacht charter Abu Dhabi

So, you’re looking for something extra special on your birthday, in the heart of UAE? Nothing reflects deep thoughts of what is to come like the spectacular view yacht charter Abu Dhabi offers. Plan a birthday bash on a yacht with friends and families and make it filled with happiness.  It’s fascinating to know that, you’ll enjoy the most professional services which you will remember throughout life.

The professional and friendly crew on the yacht serve you with an outstanding day filling your upcoming year with joy. Enjoying a delicious meal on the yacht, cutting cake in the middle of the sea, and hearing the claps with a cool breeze, isn’t it all feel amazing? It’s fascinating to know that yacht birthday party Abu Dhabi serve you with a complete celebration package including each and every party arrangement making it easier as well as affordable for you.

One of the significant reasons to plan a birthday party on a yacht is, that the yacht charter company is responsible to decorate the venue and making it worth your happiness. Each décor is done with precision and creativity in order to make your day outstanding for you as well as for those who are taking part in your celebration.

  • Chamas Churrascaria

It’s time to surrender to the sultry sounds and smokey barbecue flavors of Brazil. Chamas Churrascaria allows you to enjoy your birthday celebration at Abu Dhabi’s premier Brazilian restaurant. If you read the reviews of this place, you’ll be sure that a lot of people have had an amazing birthday celebration at this restaurant. Add this venue in your bucket list if you are a fan of mouth-watering succulent meats and fresh beverages.

  • Zuma

If you’re looking for an exotic Asian cuisine with an innovative version to celebrate birthday party in Abu Dhabi, Zuma is for you. Zuma, the Japanese food seems really interesting, y when you are in Abu Dhabi. In order to explore the depth of yummiest Japanese food, you must celebrate your special occasion here. It’s a place where people of Abu Dhabi hang out with their gangs while enticing waterfront views from the restaurant.

Along with this, the place has significantly crafted a special with its unique and highly inspiring Japanese style of dining in the center of the Middle East. You must come here and enjoy the fine dining experience loaded with a wonderful rendition of flavor, aromas, and exquisite presentation.

  • Orange Spin

If you and your kids really need a break from the mundane routine and looking for the best place to celebrate the little one’s birthday, Orange Spin is the ultimate venue in Abu Dhabi. Orange Spin is the hub of fun bringing a futuristic twist to indoor amusement.

Recharge yourself with new energy at this amusement destination in Abu Dhabi. Orange Spin offers a highway-themed two-lane bowling alley, a maze-styled laser tag arena an F1 race car simulator, as well as the most loved and all-time favorite arcade games. In terms of the older gamers, Mario, PacMan, and Sonic could be the best choice. Ask about their birthday packages if you’re looking for something fun on your kid’s birthday.

  • Music Monkeys

If there’s a need of truly energetic birthday party in Abu Dhabi for your little ones, there’s no better option than Music Monkeys. The place provides early learning music and movement classes based on your child’s preference and celebrates the birthday with the themes in songs, dances as well as musical instruments.  Music Monkeys has wide party options for ages under three involving nursery rhymes, acting, bubbles, dancing, parachute fun as well a few age-appropriate games. However, six to nine-year-old kids can also enjoy the disco-theme parties for 40 to 60 minutes. Let the celebration begin with learning at Music Monkeys.

Reasons for booking a yacht in Dubai

Dubai is the city of dreams, as well as a perfect weekend gateway to spend quality time with your family. No one can deny the exciting experiences and attractions offered by this city. Spending a day or two in this multicultural and fascinating city could become a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. Travelers, tourists, and local residents looking for short breaks to relax. One of the best methods of relaxing is partying on a yacht.

Dubai is filled with opulence and there are countless places of tourist interest.  However, that experience can be worth in the middle of the Arabian Gulf’s crystal blue seas on a yacht. It’ll be one of the most exciting activities in Dubai. Yacht charter Dubai allows you to explore the breathtaking view of Dubai, son waves in the pristine water. Whatever the situation is, there are a million reasons to enjoy Dubai life. Let’s discuss some of the significant reasons why booking a yacht in Dubai is an ideal choice.

Get the Utmost Privacy 

Being in a crowded place among strangers is not easy for everyone, especially when you are with your family and there’s a need to spend exclusive time with them.  If you are concerned regarding your privacy on a leisure trip, then a yacht charter is a great choice. Enjoy your trip and rejuvenate yourself. Avoid all those crowded places. One of the significant perks is, that you will be able to watch all the important tourist destinations while sailing without even stopping.

Make Family Bonding 

Family matters a lot. In your busiest routine, you might be missing time with your family. In Dubai, there’s nothing better option than to go for a yacht charter Dubai. You can do whatever you have missed. Laugh out loud and make unforgettable memories, do plenty of fun things, and indulge in some water sports such as diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Have delicious food on a yacht together in the middle of the sea. Celebrate special occasions on the yacht and make every moment worthy.

Convenience at its peak

There’s nothing more convenient than a customized service. Yes, we’re talking about yacht rental customization. The professionals can customize everything according to your needs. You are the boss and you have complete right from mouth-watering food to adventurous water sports. Being one of the best yacht rental companies in Dubai, we ensure that your entire experience gives a completely different Dubai look beyond what you have ever seen. Sit back and relax and admire the beauty of blue waters with the mesmerizing surroundings.

The Element of Fun

One of the significant highlights of a yacht trip in Dubai is flexibility. It can easily be the way you are looking for. If you are looking for unlimited fun, you will get it for sure. Yacht rental trips allow you to enjoy numerous interesting activities such as deep-sea fishing to test your luck. As there is the availability of a full-equipped kitchen on the yacht, means you can cook the fish and serve it hot.

Along with this, you can watch any of your favorite programs in the home theatre. Spice up the day with a DJ program and groove to rocking music and just unwind from the stress.

Certainly, you will have a great time on the yacht. Invite the element of fun and let the stress of life fade away. Enjoying glorious Dubai sunshine while sitting on the deck of a yacht is such a special feeling.

Some Adventurous Activities

Who said Dubai is dry and limited in terms of adventure? In reality, the exotic and vibrant city offer number of amazing activities giving you immense pleasure.  Dubai is the most enjoyable city while with family. However, renting a yacht allows you to indulge in various adventure activities with your children. We are aware that sailing gives your kids a better sense of adventure helping them in building confidence and skills.

Enjoy the peace of mind

Book a yacht in Dubai and escape the hustle and bustle of this city. Dubai is packed with countless tourists all the year around; allow you enjoy some best moments of comfort on the deck of the yacht. You’ll discover the magnificence and real beauty of Dubai, and see the landmarks from a different angle. Enjoying the glowing skyline during the sunset is such a unique experience.

Yachting is Good for Health 

A trip on a yacht in Dubai can bring out a healthy you in you. The healing potential of seawater is tremendous as well as helps in healing the human body, mind and spirit. Everyone in the family including kids can experience the power of well-being. However, activities included in the yacht charter trip need sharp reflexes, endurance as well as strong bodies. Yachting reduces stress and anxiety. You must go for the various activities on a yacht in order to feel the adrenaline rush.

Amazing Views of Dubai Landmarks

Dubai is popular for its incredible selection of architecture. While chartering a yacht allows you to get the best views of Dubai Marina one of the stand-out developments. High-rise luxurious apartment blocks, shops, malls, waterside restaurants, and much more. Next in the yacht journey comes more impressive when you have a view of iconic Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world, the Palm Jumeirah as well as the fabulous, Atlantis hotel.

Open venue for the celebrations

A yacht in Dubai offers an open venue. The guests, hosts, party attendants, as well as small children, can enjoy the beauty of the weather. Enjoying a yacht party in an open venue give a pleasant feeling. Yacht booking in Dubai is so affordable and the packages make it worth buying. Along with this, you can also decorate the yacht according to the theme of the party. Very few platforms provide this kind of flexibility.

You can make your vacations enjoyable and colorful by booking private or shared yacht services in Dubai. Although, there are multiple reasons to rent a yacht, but one thing you must keep in mind is, you’ll never find the experience monotonous. Venturing out in the open sea is an experience is marvelous.

Steps to charter a yacht

Chartering a yacht is so easy and simple in Dubai. However, you must consider the availability of the yachts. As renting a yacht is a popular activity in Dubai, maybe it is not available on the date you need. So, book in advance.  Following these main steps during the booking procedure.

  • Always choose the best and most reliable yacht charter company such as Easy yachts
  • Visit the website and select the most suitable yacht
  • Contact the company
  • Ask for the availability of the yacht
  • Discuss your plans and purpose
  • Mostly half payment is done during the booking process
  • You will receive a confirmation message via Email or WhatsApp
  • You will get all the contact details of the Captain and Coordinator of your yacht
  • You have to pay the remaining amount on the day of cruising

Imagine spending your Dubai trip relaxing on your private yacht in the Arabian Gulf’s turquoise waters. A lot of people find this process intimidating and perplexing. However, we’re here to discuss some essential tips for a stress-free yacht charter Dubai booking.

Be Clear About your Needs

As there are various types of yachts available for rent, so you must be specific about the type you want to rent. Make a note of the amenities and facilities that you want onboard. While requesting about the yacht rental it includes some essential details like budget, number of guests, the purpose of booking, preferred dates, as well as catering services.

Abide by the Etiquettes

Keep in consideration, yachts environment has its own set of rules that must be followed. There are some etiquettes that you must follow onboard. Treat the crew members with respect. Although, the space is limited, just bring soft-sided luggage. Bring only the number of guests that were specified at the time of booking. We will only have enough food and beverages for the specified guests.

Consider the Weather

It’s one of the most crucial factors to consider before booking. It is suggested to make your booking done in the season where the weather is favorable to the sea. By following this, you’ll not be disappointed by cancelation or rescheduling. You can opt to charter a yacht during summer evenings or when the weather is clear. Must bring appropriate clothing and equipment.

11 Most Fun Things To Do In Dubai This Week

Dubai is a city known for its endless entertainment, whether it’s shopping till you drop or hitting the nearest beach resort with your best pals. It is a great tourist destination for both people and families. It is the place where you can experience a cultural desert safari and tan your body in the sun at the same time.

Dubai is the land of wonders and adventure. There is so much to do in this futuristic city that it is hard for you to take it all in at once. The city has a lot of exciting places to visit. You can experience various shows filled with adventure and entertainment. Some of the most fun things in Dubai are shopping, skydiving, Ferrari world, watching dolphins, visiting museums, beaches, and many more.

Dubai is one of those cities where anything goes! Have a trip to Dubai and find memorable things to do AND enjoy. Here are 11 of the most fun things to do in Dubai this week. You can plan your tour with Mala Tourism who can help you in making easy.

Thanks to the fast development and recent architectural boom, Dubai has been growing so fast that there are too many highlights to be listed in just a simple guide. This opinionated list will show you just a few things we believe make this meta-company on the planet happy and memorable.

1.     See Dubai’s famous cityscape

See Dubai’s famous cityscape with the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Infinity Pool. Offered with Partial or Panoramic views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, this fantastic apartment is designed to create a sense of luxury and relaxation in a natural and comfortable environment. The Infinity edge pool features three shallow basins, vast glass windows, and a spacious terrace for residents to enjoy their open-air surrounds. A large infinity balcony offers residents a beautiful view from beyond the pool. The ambiance is provided by the Infinity Pool floor lamps, while an illuminated glass lighting grid above represents the sky at night.

2.     Explore a complete ecosystem

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is the first of its kind in the region and the largest aquarium in the Middle East, with over 500 species and 30,000 marine creatures.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo invites you to dive into a spectacular underwater world of surreal landscapes and colorful marine life. Experience the astonishingly clear views, incredible creatures, and various dolphins up close. Get up-close with stingrays, piranhas, and other fish as they swim over your head in stunning 55-foot viewing tubes.

3.     Discover the beauty of Dubai’s oldest settlement

Al Fahidi Historical District, with a professional guide and small group. Take a step back in time as you wander through this traditional area and view some of the modern new buildings built over (re-using materials from the original historical buildings). You will see places that only locals know, including the Heritage Museum, Dubai Clock Tower, Haji Ali Mosque, etc. Al Fahidi Historical is home to many mosques, beautifully decorated houses, and silver shops.

Read about the history of Al Fahidi Quarter, the oldest part of Dubai. Stroll along the winding alleyways and around historic buildings and learn the stories behind this ancient city.

4.     Shop from the incredible spectacle

Ski Dubai at the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East. It has become an icon for high-quality entertainment. On the ground floor of MOE lies the Ski then Shop destination, an ideal stop en route for skiers/snowboarders to change into their street clothes before heading off to refuel. The destination houses more than 50 local and international brands, including a milk tea cafe and a large retail space for kids. The Ski then Shop destination is open daily until midnight.

During the Dubai winter season, it is possible to ski indoors on an artificial snow-covered mountain at the Mall of the Emirates. The indoor ski experience offers an impressive overall height; a high capacity of gondolas that transport riders up the slope through snowy mountain scenery.

5.     Get eye-catching view

The Gulf Frame, also known as Dubai Frame, is a 150-meter (492-foot) high arch that has been erected in the shape of an old gramophone. Dubai’s newest attraction is a giant picture frame for photographers, made up of 11 vertical columns currently playing host to the “world’s largest picture.” This new landmark is being marked with a public art project called “Embrace,” made up of 300 colorful lights that play along with a piece of music called “Gifts from the Sea.”

Conquer your fear of heights and step out from the observation deck of the Dubai Frame. Get your friends together for a group photo in front of stunning city views.

6.     Enjoy beachside fun

Enjoy beachside fun without the hassle of sand with a kite! Fly your kite with ease on Kite Beach, an ideal spot for beginners and advanced flyers. After the wind dies down at Kite Beach, head to Umm Suqeim Beach – the only designated spot in Dubai for kitesurfing and landboarding. The moderate winds make it a great place to learn these exciting water sports!

Kite Beach is a popular kitesurfing location, while Umm Suqeim Beach is great for sun-worshippers and swimming. Thrill-seekers can challenge the elements at Kite Beach and Umm Suqeim Beach, where they’ll find ideal conditions for flying kites and paddleboards.

7.     Research the Dubai Creek

Dubai’s best-kept secret is set for a revival in the form of Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek is a natural body of water that empties into the Persian Gulf and separates Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Explore Dubai Creek on a day trip from Dubai with Circle Tours.

Take a ride through the creek on Dghayabiyya sailboats, visit clusters of floating markets and watch dhows and water taxis carve their way through the creek. The Creek area has also been home to the city’s gateway to India, the Deira souq, since the early days of Dubai and is now home to several museums and galleries.

8.     Explore Dubai’s best markets

Dubai has always been a meeting place for people from different corners of the world, and Deira is always an interesting place to be. Many of the city’s souks can be found here, each retaining its distinct look and atmosphere, heightened during the weekend bazaar on the streets. These are great places to haggle for fabric or souvenirs or to people-watch and experience Dubai’s unique culture for yourself.

The souks are brimming with beautiful wares, and haggling is required to get the best price. Men and women dressed in traditional attire walk around with tea and coffee in hand as they chat, seemingly oblivious to time. If they see someone they know, they will say hello and pour a cup of tea or coffee for them without asking. Caution is needed as the streets can get crowded. Make sure you look before you step out into the streets.

9.     Visit Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Dubai’s mosques and was built in the traditional Qatari pattern. This mosque is built on a small island in the middle of Dubai’s largest lake and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Dubai’s mosques. It is an excellent example of Islamic architecture and has significant spiritual importance to the city. Open 24 hours daily, non-Muslims can only visit during prayer times.

In the courtyard, fountains decorate the water channels that divide the mosque into a central part, an outer part, and a sahn in front of the portal. The portal itself is made of white marble and carved with Koranic verses. The roof of the mosque is covered with turquoise ceramic tiles. These are also used on some walls and mixed with gilded calligraphy inside arched niches.

10.  Plan Days Out at Dubai Parks and Resorts

At Dubai Parks and Resorts, you’ll find a family vacation destination with something for everyone. We have attractions that keep everyone smiling, from mega water slides to 3-story family drop rides to log flume adventure. Whether it’s a short trip or one that lasts the whole weekend, you can make lasting memories here.

Plan family time at Dubai Parks and Resorts. You can introduce your family to the magic of Disney and Warner Bros. Enjoy an extra dose of fun with unlimited access to all four theme parks for a whole day — kids’ clubs, shopping, and dining outlets included.

11.  Dine at the Dubai marina yacht

Megayacht dinner Dubai marina is the best way to enjoy a day in Dubai. If you are looking for any fun kind of activity in Dubai which will give you an unforgettable experience and unforgettable memories, get on one of our yachts at the marina. Dine and enjoy spectacular sunsets from your private suite as you travel across the marina.

Discover the best activities to do on the Dhow cruise Dubai trip. This famous coastline is a trendy destination for residents and tourists; it has a wide range of activities to ensure everyone is entertained. Whether you want to lounge on board the yacht, enjoy a sunset cruise or visit the beautiful beaches, you will find all that you expect on the coast of Dubai.

Onboard yacht rental Dubai marina company can help you all of the locations close to the world’s superyachts.

Dubai is the city of superlatives and the fastest growing tourism and trade hub in the Middle East. When you visit Dubai, you’ll enjoy the best of everything – from miles of golden beaches, mega yacht dinners, dune buggy to  world-renowned restaurants and hotels to multi-million dollar resorts that are a destination in themselves. There’s plenty of family-friendly fun to be had in Dubai, and You could spend years here and still not cover all of the amazing activities.

A complete guide to choosing the best yacht charter Dubai

A yacht in Dubai is synonymous with one of the best means of leisure trio with luxury amenities. It is fascinating to know that Dubai is boasting a fleet of luxury yachts with best cruising experience and unrivaled facilities to the residents as well as the tourists. There is nothing a memorable gift than hiring Yacht Charter Dubai with your family or friends.

A luxury yacht in Dubai

In Dubai, a luxury yacht is used for recreational purposes. The yacht comes with state-of-the-art facilities, music system, and home theater as well.  Luxury yacht promises to provide the extravagance along with the ever-changing vistas, and the most delicious food provided onboard.

Amenities onboard

When you choose luxury yacht for your trip, you’ll feel it like your home. Here is a short list to major facilities available on a luxury yacht in Dubai.

  • Bedrooms
  • Sundeck
  • Lounges
  • Spacious lounges
  • Washrooms
  • Jacuzzis
  • Cinema hall
  • Kitchen
  • Salon

The excitement of sightseeing

Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah are the most popular spots in Dubai. A yacht trip to Dubai Marina allows you admire numerous skyscrapers, marina board walk, marina mall, and JBR. Seeing Dubai Marina from the yacht has its own charm as well as excellent spot of the spendthrifts. You can also find some of the most -sought residential areas, open-air dining areas, and some adventurous destinations in Marina to make your visit remarkable.

On the other hand, if you select Palm Jumeirah, see the huge man-made Island in the shape of palm tree. Get the best opportunity to glimpse Atlantis, the Palm, the world-famous hotel. Along with this, you’ll also spot iconic Burj Al Arab, the only seven-start hotel in the world. Take splendid pictures on a cruise with the backdrop these buildings for your Instagram stories.

Have fun with watersports activities

Cruising across the Arabian Guld is not the only reason of the popularity of yacht. It is fascinating to know that the yacht rental companies such as Easy Yachts allow numerous other activities to make your trip memorable for long time.  You can swim in aquamarine water. However, it would be best to inform the crew in advance that you are interested in some water sports activities. So, they can arrange some of the best spots for you. Other with fear of swimming, can choose floating tubes to enjoy. Snorkeling is one of the best water sports activities to enjoy on a yacht. It’s more exciting than swimming, gaze upon the maire life just from the water surface.

The ideal choice for party

The excitement of cruising, spacious decks, and jaw-dropping sights make the yacht a perfect venue for your party. Dubai offers various sizes of yachts depending on number of guests as well as your budget. Additional services that you can enjoy onboard as customized cake available upon request, hostess, DJ, music or your choice, and the most important delicious meal with 5-star services. The crew will decorate your yacht with balloon and red carpet in order to make it a themed part venue. People who are used to party in restaurants and auditoriums, invite them on a yacht and have the most exciting party ever.

There is a great need to know that, yachts don’t organize any entertainment programs. However, the guest has the freedom to plan anything in order to make the trip more enjoyable. Play your favorite songs, sing and dance to the music. Some of the yachts also offers a cinema hall for ensuring that you are never bored.

Dining on yacht

One of the significant reasons to choose yacht charter for party venue is, mouth-watering food served onboard. You can either take food from the kitchen or order to serve on your table. However, food in not included if your cruising duration is short. Lotus mega yacht in Dubai allows you enjoy the best traditional and international cuisines on yacht. You must have your dinner on a yacht to make the entire experience worthy and remarkable.

Pick Suitable Yacht

When there are number of yachts according to your needs, budget, and schedule, selection of a single yacht in not such as big deal. The main factors that you need to consider are facilities, capacity, size, and most importantly the cost.

Steps to charter a yacht in Dubai

Chartering a yacht in Dubai is so simple. One of the significant things you need to consider is the availability of the yachts. Yachting is a popular activity in Dubai and sometimes your selected yacht choose may not be available on the date. In order to avoid this unpleasant incident, it would best to better to book well before hiring for a, event. Contact the company, they will provide all the information regarding the yachts.

Following steps are involved in the booking procedure:

  • Select the best yacht charter company
  • Visit the website and look for the most suitable yacht
  • Contact the company
  • Confirm the availability of the yacht
  • Discuss the purpose as well as your plans
  • Mostly, half payment is made during the booking process
  • You will receive a confirmation Email or WhatsApp

Is there a dress code on a yacht in Dubai?

There is no dress code. It is your trip, and you have to decide what you should wear. However, its suggested to wear simple clothes to be comfortable. Bring an extra pair of dress and swimwear if you are planning to indulge in some watersport’s activities.

Read More: How to dress for a yacht?

Selection of the best yacht charter company in Dubai

When you have selected the destination for a holiday, there is no chance to make a mistake in selection of the best yacht charter company in Dubai. Everything is at your fingertips nowadays, means that entire choice is just a click away. It is suggested to pick the yacht company with the most extended experience. The journey is beyond perfect with a company giving the utmost value to your satisfaction. It ensures that you will be safe throughout the trip on the water.

There is no need for much luggage. It’s better to have less luggage means just your most important things. The captain will introduce to you. Meet and greet them, they’ll be happy to serve you for the next few hours. Moreover, some rules are there for every journey. You must follow all the instructions provided by the crew in order to have a delightful journey.

Activities on the Yacht Cruise

  • Fishing: Dubai seas are known for rich marine life and has a long history of being the fishing capital. Fishing adds both excitement and fun aboard a yacht. The best thing is all the fishing equipment’s are available on the yacht.
  • Swimming: it is fascinating to know that lagoons in Dubai are so enticing. Take a dip in aquamarine waters.
  • Sunset cruising: On a sunset cruise, yacht goes into the high seas. See the sun dropping below the horizon and witness the golden hour as well as changing hues of the sky from the deck.
  • Yacht dinner: The best thing about chartering a yacht in Dubai is, its and ideal spot to have mouth-watering dinner. Choose the food you want onboard and have the best fulfilling dining experience.

Yacht as a party venue

In Dubai, yachts have become a popular venue for hosting exquisite parties. What makes yacht the best venue for parties is its versatility. You can host weddings, corporate events, birthdays, get-togethers, office parties, and a lot more. Yacht charter Dubai are cost-effective, considering all the amenities you get for the price- not to mention the experience.

In essence, going on a yacht charter also means going on a vacation. If you are planning to take an exciting cruise in Dubai, leave all your worries behind even if you are only cruising for a few hours. Because the main purpose is to relax and have fun with your friends and family. Let’s know what to bring and what not to bring on a yacht:

What to bring

  • Passport, visa, or valid ID: Dubai Coast Guard high requires your valid identification proofs with them in terms of security purposes.
  • Hast, sunglasses, and sunblock: If you are chartering a yacht in a day, bring extra protection for your skin and eyes. Prolonged exposure to heat is not good. Enjoy your trip without getting tensed.
  • Medication, if needed: keep in consideration, yacht charters are needed to have a first aid kit on board. However, it would be best to bring your medicines for allergies, seasickness, and headaches.
  • Camera: Cruising in Dubai allows you click the most beautiful sights from the seas. Bring your camera to take souvenir shots as reminders of your cruise. Nothing is more precious than capturing the sunset along with various hues leaving shades on the waves.
  • Your favorite music: Yachts are equipped with a modern music system. You can select own selection of music.
  • Swimwear and towels: make sure to bring you swimsuit if you plan to go swimming or snorkeling. Towels are available on the yacht, but you can also bring
  • Comfortable clothes: It is highly recommended to wear something fits your activity on the yacht. Casual and light wear is suggested. However, bring a jacket or shawl during the cold winter days.
  • An adequate amount of cash: it is suggested to bring a sufficient amount to pay for your charter as well as other services ordered for your cruise.

What not to bring

  • Expensive jewelry and valuables: it would be best to leave all the gold at home. In emergency cases, the priority of crew and captain is the life.
  • Watches that are not waterproof: The mist from the sea can damage your watch if it is not waterproofed.

Bring your best and brightest smile on a yacht charter in Dubai. It’s not all about the possessions, but also the memories that cruising gives. Have a great time in the sparkling waters.

What kind of events can be celebrated on yacht?

Getting an event arranged on a yacht means you’re going to upgrade the level of your event. It is fascinating to know that, anything around the sea creates its own vibe. A yacht experience changes the game of the party if you are having or looking for just a random hangout. If you want so, Yacht charter Dubai is an affordable choice to enjoy fancy arrangement. In Dubai, there’s a wide range of cruising business due to the stunning and mesmerizing coastline the people are blessed with.

Being a developed city, events on yacht is one of the luxuries activities. The best thing is, yacht booking for any event is so easy for the people.  Yachts is capable to pull of numerous events without worrying the theme that go with the yacht.

Yacht rental Dubai allows you arrange a wide variety of remarkable events giving you the best chance to spend quality time. Enjoy your event away from the stressful atmosphere you’re your coworkers, clients, family and friends.

Rent a yacht for a corporate event

In Dubai, one of the latest attractions for corporate event is renting a yacht. If you are interested in spending remarkable and quality time with coworkers, various options are available. Among these, we’re mentioning some of them:

  • Teambuilding activities are capable to accommodate small or large number of people.
  • Business meetings are also hosted on a yacht in Dubai, for both local and foreign guests.
  • Enjoy end of the year corporate parties thrown on a yacht for rent.
  • Corporate anniversaries are held on yachts in order to reward the employees.
  • Retirement parties are also started on yacht becoming quite popular.

While renting a yacht in Dubai, take an advantage of a splendiferous setting that definitely impress your customers. It builds the team spirit among employees. The mesmerizing views, out-class onboard facilities and professional services offered by captains are perfect for networking, business meetings. EasyYachts hosts exclusive events. Business owners can easily host any kind of corporate event on corporate yacht charter and they can ask for any type of service according to their needs with any trouble.

An unforgettable wedding

Dubai is an ideal destination for wedding party and hosting it on a wedding yacht rental makes it remarkable. Let’s make your dream into reality while renting a yacht in Dubai. Easy yachts put together your wedding so that it can be an amazing one. We believe that, wedding has to be perfect to the last detail, we ensure to plan everything thoroughly in order to turn every single moment into a memorable and unique event.

We help with:

  • Catering services for you and your guests, during and after the wedding.
  • Bachelor parties- if you want according to your wedding theme.
  • Large yachts can host up to 500 guests- if you have more guests.
  • All kinds of amenities for keeping your guests entertained.

Exclusive Birthday Parties

Nothing is more extravagant while celebrated aboard a yacht off Dubai than a fabulous birthday bash. Birthday celebration on a private yacht is something especial to impress your friends, families and surrounding. Imagine all your friends gathered in a boat partying and having quality time of their lives.

No matters, whether you are celebrating your own birthday or going to surprise someone, a birthday yacht party is an ideal way to make it extra special. Plan a birthday on a magnificent yacht according to your expected number of guests as well as activities you have in mind. You can easily choose a yacht depending on amenities, size, and design.  However, it is essential to book a yacht in advance so that you’ll be sure to book the right one as per requirements.

Among these, entertain the adults with scuba diving, large sundecks on which they can relax, and fishing. You can also demand for kids’ entertainment if you are planning a family gathering.

Family events

No matter if your social circle and family is big or small, throwing a party for celebrating various moments in your life are unique and great experience. Among the common family events, a lot of people want to celebrate their family events like wedding anniversaries, reunions, and others events on the yacht. It is fascinating to know that all kind of family gathering on yacht in Dubai are ideal for all looking to spend quality time without having organize them by themselves. The best thing is, you are allowed to choose from variety of yachts from the fleet for smaller or bigger family groups.

Organize a team building

Team building activities are great when completed outside of the office and there is nothing better option than a yacht to hold such event. A soothing environment help the employees unwind the team bond. It also brings a positive effect on work relations.

Organizing team building activities on yacht allows your coworkers to have remarkable time outside the office with amazing views of Dubai Marina.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary

Another milestone to celebrate on a yacht is your wedding anniversary. Not just the weddings are unforgettable as wedding anniversaries also deserve the parties. If you want something unique, surprise your parents by hosting a party on a yacht and invite people who have attended your wedding. Another idea is- recreate your wedding in Dubai reliving wonderful moments all over again.

Sweep your partner’s feet away by a romantic dinner aboard a yacht in Dubai. Nothing is more picturesque than watching the sunset in the middle of sea when the water shimmers with the reflection. Wait few more minutes, and it will soon turn into twilight. Unfold it into a romantic night with scattered stars.

Keep in consideration, setting up a romantic date of your anniversary is easy. Since there will be the two of you aboard, the logistics involved is a lot easier rather than bringing a whole group into a boat. However, depending on your plan, the details could be complicated to pull off. Either you have an extravagant plan or just planning an awesome surprise with your partner, it’s sure to be memorable on a yacht.

Engagement parties

If you want an engagement party on a yacht in Dubai, you’ll get various services depending on the size of the event. It is fascinating to know that Easy Yachts are accustomed to helping people in order to have small private or, even large parties to which they invite friends and family. They arrange for all catering services, a robo chef to cook for you, and music of your choice. If you charter a yacht in Dubai, it’ll turn your engagement party into a truly special event. Hire an exclusive and luxurious yacht for such an event.

Executive’s Company Retreat

CEOs know very well that how important it is to build a good working relationship. That’s why it is important for the companies to reward their decision-makers with outclass activities. Keep in consideration, these companies encourage synergy and camaraderie. It seems common for HR professionals to arrange luxurious accommodation. However, the better option is to surprise your managers by arranging a company retreat on a yacht. Most of the yachts also offer water sports activities.

Graduation party

The graduation is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Hosting a party for your success is quite mandatory. While in Dubai, there is nothing better way to enjoy this party on a yacht. Have some quality time. Easy yachts operators are ready to help you host a graduation partyimpressing your beloved ones. We also help the family members to organize a surprise graduation party for their children. It’s an ideal time to take your mind off exams and books- have a great time under Dubai sky.

Company Product Launches

Let’s admit that most of the product launches hosted inside a boring room or massive hall. It’s accepted, it doesn’t gain interest for your employees and media partners who expect much more. However, in terms of corporate celebrations, announcements of new product launches must be celebrated with fancy and flair and setting up a media event aboard a private charter in Dubai has its own charm.

A unique corporate conference

Corporate conferences are little different in Dubai.  What if we say- they can be held in a unique scenery, such as on a yacht? Yes, now there’s a time to get out of the ordinary- and impress your business partners with an amazing conference party on a yacht. Onboard the yacht, and enjoy your event is a special and original way. The amazing catering, complete conference facilities, and friendly crew offered onboard a yacht are perfect option for the occasion.

It’s fascinating to know that Easy Yachts also help you organize a corporate anniversary, in which your team members can have a marvelous time along Dubai Marina. We’ll help with all the arrangements so that your employees or other guests have a wonderful time.

However, if you want to know some more about the types of events that can be organized on a yacht, please contact our yacht charter representatives. If you are looking to plan another event on a yacht, let us know so that we can help you.

Friends Hangout

Usually no one consider such a high-standard option for a just a hangout. However, people in Dubai consider it because every luxury yacht charter is under reach and people take the advantage.  The tourists from around the world enjoy their meals and spend time on yachts while admiring Dubai’s amazing cruising vibe. Yachting in Dubai is such kind of experience that will leave you desiring more.

Essential Considerations While Planning for an Event on a Yacht

If you have planned any event in your life you must be knowing what it takes to organize it smoothly. However, if you haven’t yet, there is a great need to know that organizing an event is not a piece of cake. It takes lot of efforts and patience. In case you are organizing an event on a luxury yacht consider some essential things before taking the final call as well as booking your yacht.

Even the organizers also need some time in order to give you the perfect date and timing. If you think you can book a yacht, then your event might end up disappointing. After you book, organizers need to arrange an ideal yacht for the occasion. They monitor the crew availability, weather conditions, decoration as well as other demand facilities for the event. All these factors are crucial to make your event special.

Let’s discuss the list of things needs to be considered when booking a yacht.

Know Your Budget

Keep in consideration, yacht events don’t come cheap. However, if you have planned an event then you also have planned your budget already. Dubai yacht parties comes with different costs. The range comprises from low budget yachts with basic amenities to highly maintained luxury yachts along with classy amenities.

Decide your budget in advance. Do a proper research of the available yachts as per your budget. It would be best to talk to several yacht party dealers who can help you with the different yachts they have. You must find about the amenities as well as other essential factors such as food, beverages, music, as well as other details you want to add on board. If you start planning- you can easily find a yacht according to your budget as well as fulfill all demands in the same.

Timings of Your Event

Timing is important in everything especially when you have decided for an event on a yacht. Keep in consideration, you will have to be more cautious while considering the factors that may disappoint you if you fail to book. Occasions such as anniversary or birthdays fall on same dates so you easily make the bookings easily in advance.

Moreover, if you are planning celebration for any kind of festival on yacht, know the date so can making bookings before. The corporates events are scheduled months before and most of the date are finalized on the availability of venues. Do monitor the yacht sailing schedules.

Yachts Sizes for the Event

This is another essential factor to consider as every yacht comes with specific capacity in order to accommodate guests. You must check the capacity of yacht based on the headcounts at your side and inform the organizer regarding the number of people attending the event. They can cater to your demands perfectly.

Crew Members on the Yacht

Without any doubt, yachts appoint professional and well-trained crew members- experts in their work areas. Either attending the guests, serving meals or if there is any emergency situation, they are fully aware of their responsibilities. If you want to meet the crew members, make request to the captain to arrange a meeting. Moreover, you must visit the venue yourself to examine the arrangement before the event.

Amenities for the Event

How all the arrangements are made significantly depends on what the event is. However, it’s essential to inform the team for what event you are booking the yacht. Keep in consideration, each event has its own decor pattern like birthdays need simple decor, whereas wedding comes with elaborated decor, and corporate parties with minimalist decor.

The well-trained team at the yacht guide you with the decor. Just tell them what you are looking forward to. Moreover, ensure that before you complete the payment procedure, you inform the team regarding the event they are going to organize. Ask for all the amenities you want before making the bookings.

Dubai is famous for its yacht parties and you’ll get the best of all the worlds here. All you have to do is, plan an event in advance so that you have enough time in your hands for finding the best yacht party in Dubai.

What to Expect from a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dubai is a gem of a city to experience. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident of the city, it will never cease to amaze you. Everything from the ultra-modern architecture to the beautiful city skyline and all the luxury you can indulge in, awaits you.

One of the most popular activities in Dubai for tourists and residents alike is a sail across the Dubai Marina. The trip is an unforgettable experience of the scenic locations, excellent cuisine, and great photography opportunities. Being just 30 minutes form the airport, the Dubai Marina is a hot spot for a lot of people on holiday.

Roaming around the Dubai Marina in a Dhow Cruise is one of the most luxurious tourist activities in Dubai. It can be an absolute fun for you and your whole family, making amazing memories for your vacation. But a lot of people don’t know much about the cruises and struggle to find the information they need. This guide will help you figure out everything you need to know and give you an idea of what to expect from a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina trip.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a man-made marina constructed in 2003. It was built in close proximity to the Persian Gulf, only 2 miles from the shoreline. In order to make the Marina, a large amount of water was transported from the Persian Gulf. As it stands, the Dubai Marina is one of the biggest artificially-created marinas in the entire world.

Dubai Marina is divided into different sections for commercial, residential and business areas. In addition to residential housing areas like the Jumeirah Beach Residence, there are also shopping malls and business centers strewed around.

A large area of the Dubai Marina consists of residential spaces. The current total residential space is for over 45,000 people, with plans to expand to over 120,000 people. There are many residential towers, complexes and spaces. The common ones include Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Walk, the Beach, Al Sahab, Al Majara, Marina Quays, Park Island, and Marina Promenade.

The general population of the Dubai Marina consists of young to middle-aged people living with their families. The residents of the Marina are mostly people who like to enjoy the beach and the scenic views.

The Dubai Marina is essentially a walking area with many well-developed pedestrian pathways. Restaurants, shopping centers, super markets, and thus all your needs are within walking distance from every residential building.

There is also a trend for roller-skating and biking within the Marina. There are services available for you to hire bicycles to ride around the pathways of the Dubai Marina.

Taking a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

dhow cruise dubai

Besides walking, biking, and skating throughout the Dubai Marina, you can also travel by water. The Dubai Marina consists of several commercial and personal vessels that are used to cruise through the Marina. By far, the most popular way of travelling through the Marina by sea is taking a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.

The cruises take place on traditional Omani wooden boats that have historically been used to sail through rivers and canals across the Peninsula. It’s a common sight in Dubai to see people touring in all kinds of Dhows. If you want something a little different from being packed in tour buses or landlocked into travelling by public transport, taking one of those Dhows across the Marina is a good alternative. It’s a novel and unique experience sailing at a leisurely pace through the beauty of the Marina.

Dhow cruises typically involve sightseeing through the heart of the Marina and gives you great views of the Dubai skyline. You’ll be able to see the architectural wonders of the countless skyscrapers and towers adorned in the city. The Dhows can be traditional or modernized in line with luxury yachts, but all of them are decorated beautifully on the inside.

Prices for Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina can differ from company to company. You could go for the most basic package for sightseeing to save money, or you could spend a little extra for luxury service. Most Dhow cruises will offer some form of food on board. This can vary from simple salads, fruits, snacks and tea to full-blown 3 course dinners and even large buffets.

While you’re in Dubai, it can be a worthwhile idea to combine your dinner plans with a Dhow cruise so you can enjoy the scenes while partaking in the finest cuisines.

Being such a hot spot for great views, activities, and food, taking a Dhow cruise around the Dubai Marina can be the perfect beginning or end to your trip to Dubai.

Top New Year’s Eve Parties in Dubai

Dubai is without a doubt one of the best cities to welcome New year. Whether you’re a local, expat or a tourist Dubai city has a lot of options for you to choose from to celebrate your New year eve. Boasting a cornucopia of choices for partying, dining, and of course, anything that your heart desire. Anything is possible in Dubai if you wish to do something different or exotic This majestic city promise its guests exceptional New year eve experienced. Dubai has built various majestic structures in recent years and manage to get amongst the list of best cities for tourism in the world. New year comes once every year and many people want to spend the last night of the in the best way it’s possible. You surely have heard about fireworks display in the Burj Khalifa and various others places but not everyone wants to spend their time watching fireworks there are many other options to use when celebrating new year eve, for example, New year parties the city has some amazing parties to get booking if you’re planning on having the best party of the New Year’s Eve.

Yacht party

New Year Yacht Party in Dubai

It’s not a surprise that’s a yacht party is at the top on our list. Yacht parties are the best because of the less crowded especially on the new year when there are big crowds everywhere if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like crowed then we suggest you should rent a yacht. whether you want to spend some time alone or with your family yachts can give you the privacy you need. Renting a yacht has other benefits as well like you can celebrate new year eve while watching Amazing fireworks display from the best angle and enjoying the delicious food or dancing at the slow music with your loved one.

Zero Gravity


zero gravityZero Gravity is famous for its nearby attractions such as the marine skyline and the Palm apart from that it’s also famous for its delicious food. Zero Gravity has an amazing atmosphere that gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate your New year eve in here. Watch breathtaking display of exclusive fireworks as soon as the clock strikes 12 am the sky is filled with colors and glitters. It’s one of the hottest night’s clubs in Dubai. Many popular Internationals DJs rocks the dance floor at Zero Gravity.

Inner City Zoo

Inner City Zoo Dubai Party

Inner City Zoo promises you an amazing time through urban elegance with exciting beats that will make your jaw drop with entertainment. A striking decoration and hot atmosphere it’ can be the ultimate clubbing destination, celebrate your New year eve in the Inner-city zoo and unleash your inner animal to party hard on the last eve of the year while watching the magnificent firework display.


Q43 New Year Party Dubai

This new year catch the city’s firework from the 43rd floor atop Media One Hotel, Q43 offers the best New year party atmosphere in its extensive setting that can replicate a new year attic space. Enjoy the signature dishes of Q43 with your love once in a restaurant setting and watch the fireworks display of new year while sipping on your favorite drinks. The exclusive package starts from AED 399.

New Year eve party at the Arabian Desert


Although the majority of people want to spend their new year eve celebration at the party with a big crowd there are folks who don’t like large crowds. If your one of them then there is an amazing way to celebrate your new year eve book the specialized desert safari package and escape to Dubai’s serenely excellent dunes with an experienced guide and experience warm Arabian hospitality. Besides delicious BBQ delights and unlimited refreshments. you’ll be able to enjoy your new year eve with live DJ shows while sipping on your favorite drinks under the desert starts.


New Year Resolution: Dubai Yachting – Yacht Rental Dubai

Every year we set a certain to-do list which comprises of some legitimate things that we have planned to achieve in 365 days. These resolutions are something that helps us evolve as a human being. We set tough targets to accomplish, some travel destinations to discover. Along with these goals, a little treat of adventure works like vinegar in stake.

This year we recommend you to go and explore the deep blue waters and breathe some refreshing air with rushing waves. And by this we don’t mean a beach trip, we are talking about “YACHTING”.
Yacht hire dubai can be one amazing way to spend your vacation this year. It can offer you everything that you possibly want in a vacation. In addition to that, it brings a great zeal of peace along with fun to your holiday mood.


Upgrade your New Year resolution list by adding a well-deserved yacht trip with yacht rental Dubai. To convince you for this life changing experience we can give you many reasons that will probably be enough to make you desperate to go yachting.

Comfort and privacy

Have you ever felt like escaping from all this hustle bustle to a place where there are only two things; peace time with your loved ones and relaxation. Yachts are ideal to provide you with this required peace time of the year. You can experience the joy of being in your personal space with your family or friends catered by a trained crew who takes care of your preferences – what else one could ask for.

Stunning pictures


Your sailing trip can literally make a heavy album of memories for you that you will be going to miss all the year around. You can get mesmerizing photos while sailing along many beautiful islands and changing colors of skies. Your photos in the sea will make a memorable story that you can preserve for the rest of your life.

Unique experience

You must have spent your vacations in a hotel resort or some famous tourist destination, but yachting is different from all of them. It can be one of the greatest things that you are going to experience this year. You will be setting your feet in the middle of the ocean maybe for the first time but it will be worth the while. Get to enjoy astounding views, adventurous water sports, diving, a party on the deck, and much more.

Value for money

Yachting is the best way to have a fun-packed vacation without having to break the bank. You can save some bucks this year by planning a yacht vacation. It allows you to avail great food and amazing service in an affordable price.

Party yacht rental Dubai So what are you waiting for? Hire a yacht in Dubai to have a thrilling vacation trip this year.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935): A timeless masterpiece – Yacht Charter Dubai

What makes a movie a masterpiece? Thought-provoking plot? Intense action? Great acting? Masterful directing? Aesthetic cinematography? All of these combined would result in a triumph of filmmaking and if these attributes do elevate a film to being considered an all-time great then indeed, Mutiny on the bounty is a timeless masterpiece.

Mutiny on the Bounty

Released in 1935, Mutiny on the Bounty is directed by Frank Lloyd, one of the best American filmmakers of the early 20th century. Charles Laughton and Academy Award winner Clark Gable star in the flick, which was inspired by a novel of the same name. The novel, in turn, is influenced by the real-life mutiny on a ship called ‘Bounty’ against its captain, William Bligh, all the way back in 1789 (although the novel and movie’s historical authenticity is often questioned)

Don’t make any mistakes about it this is not a cruise in Cape town neither is it a yacht charter Dubai, despite primarily being a drama film the story has its fair share of exhilarating adventure and action sequences. Combine that with fine acting and wondrous set design and you feel immersed in the plot. The film sets up an English ship crew who are treated equal, if not worse, than slaves. The ‘Bounty’ sets off from Portsmouth and heads towards Tahiti. The ship is captained by Bligh, played by Laughton, who treats his crew mercilessly whilst on the other hand the lieutenant, Fletcher Christian who is played by Gable, is more sympathetic towards the crew members and dislikes the captain’s vile and abusive methods. Eventually, Christian leads a resistance against Bligh and casts him and his loyalists off the Bounty! The Bounty, after all, is not a cruise ship like the Desert Rose, it is the personification of the British Empire’s dominance in the 18th century and how countries were rising up against the monarchy. The contrast between these two characters sets up a classic and relatable protagonist and antagonist scenario. The audience can easily pick sides and root against Bligh thanks to his sadistic actions.

The film is split in four intricately planned and brilliantly directed acts. These are before the ship sets off, on the way to Tahiti, decking off and roaming about in Tahiti and then finally the mutiny. Each act introduces pivotal characters and takes the film into new directions. On the island, the film takes a romantic turn as Christian falls in love with a local woman. Her love is one of the driving factors behind Christian finally taking action against Bligh.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935_

This revolutionary epic set the tone for big budget movies of the future! It developed confidence in the big guns of Hollywood that even movies which are assigned huge budgets can make a profit and be considered successful. Unlike most of today’s blockbusters, Mutiny on the Bounty is an incredible movie from all sides especially on how it creates tension due to its action-packed plot, most of which occurs in the very limited space of a ship. Most movies cannot carry the tension through 2 hours and 12 minutes, as well as Mutiny on the Bounty, does whilst still catching the audience on the edge of their sets.

Be the ‘Happily Ever After’ Couple by Planning a Yacht Wedding of Your Dreams

Your wedding day should be the most special day of your life. It is the day of rejoicing your new life with celebrations and love. Naturally, every couple want their wedding day to be the greatest and the most memorable not only for them but for their loved ones also who share their happiness. And for this, nothing can be better than a yacht wedding. Yacht weddings are considered to be the most romantic yet memorable wedding as not everyone plans their big day on a yacht celebrating their love and life in the middle of the breathtaking ocean.

Though a lot of people might consider yacht party as an unusual idea that’s the beauty of it. Aren’t all those wedding parties on land just looking like all the same? So if you are going to get married and want to plan a memorable wedding then this is it. Plus, it is way too convenient and reliable these days.

All you have to do is to keep in mind a few specifications and that is it. Still, if you are confused where to start from, here is a sorted out list of things to consider while arranging a yacht wedding.

Dream Destination

The perfect destination to have a yacht wedding is Dubai because no place can be better to throw a yacht party, as Dubai is the most entertainment-oriented places internationally with high standards of service for activities like this. You can easily hire a yacht in Dubai, discuss your options and once you are satisfied, make your booking for the suitable time and date. Dubai is very popular for its luxurious and extremely enjoyable yacht parties.
yacht wedding

Number of Guest and Space

When it comes to a wedding, everybody has their own choice. Some people like to keep it simple while other like it grand. Now although it is up to you and your partner who many guests you would like to invite just make sure you have done arrangements according to it. There are many super luxury yachts in Dubai like Desert rose yacht and Virgo with the space of even 250 guests on board.  So you have plenty of choices to choose from.

Arrangements and Decor

After you book your yacht and make your guest list you start thinking about the decor. Well, my advice is to keep it simple as the elegance of yacht and breathtaking view of the ocean is already enough for the pleasure of eyes. Some floristry would do no harm otherwise. Make sure whatever entertainment and menu arrangements you need to be done, you discuss them well before whatever yacht rental Dubai service you choose.

yacht weddingSome things to Remember

A yacht wedding is a celebration to go on for longer than 3 or 4 hours so make sure you have good relation with your crew to avoid any problems also put a few limitations on dress codes such as avoiding high heels on deck.

yacht wedding is a celebration


Feel free to contact for any kind of inquiry.