Megayacht Dinner Cruise

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    whats to expect

    • Luxury Yacht experience
    • Dinner cruise on a luxury ship.
    • Cake for a company’s official start-up celebration.
    • An audio device that plays music
    • USB and Auxiliary Connectivity
    • Remarkable Service
    • The Best Food
    • A Yacht That Is fully Decorated
    • Arrangements of Flowers
    • Concert and performance
    • red carpet entrance
    • availability of a BBQ Grill
    • Special treatment like royalties
    • Fully hygienic environment

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    Megayacht dinner cruise Dubai

    The Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise in Dubai is the best. The five-star dinner buffet includes inventive cannolis and desserts. The 5-star meal is prepared and served by our team of highly trained chefs. You may now take a loved one on a yacht cruise to Dubai Marina and surprise them with a romantic dinner. Your party will be more fun if there is merriment and a five-star dinner is served. Guests can enjoy fine dining on board a luxurious vessel while on board a cruise.

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    The best possible service

    All of the yacht’s amenities will be of the highest caliber. To satisfy your appetite, you can sample a wide variety of cuisines from around the world in your buffet.

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    Crew members with extensive experience

    The mega yacht is licensed and ready for any big occasion. The knowledgeable staff is always willing to assist you in any way they can.

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    Experience at the pinnacle of luxury

    There is no better place to enjoy a luxurious vacation than in Dubai.

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    Client’s lofty expectations

    When putting together a special event, we take the wishes of our customers into account and pick a most suitable boat.

    Our Fleets

    Desert rose yacht

    Enjoy on desert rose yacht- a five-star hotel gliding over the surface of water. Crafted to satisfy the robust, Desert Rose Dubai is 155ft in length making it ideal for a royal family gathering, weddings, a corporate yacht event, or grand party. The delectable interior of the yacht sweetens the marine experience with yacht trip Dubai.

    • Length:155 feet
    • Guests: 200
    • Access to Fully equipped kitchen
    • Experienced captain and crew
    • Award Winning 5 Star Service

    Lotus Mega Yacht

    Lotus mega yacht is the best venue as it features an extremely unique design with all luxury amenities to make your event unforgettable. Lotus mega yacht is significantly designed to meet the standard of a high-end luxury for grand parties and corporate events as it is featuring enough capacity, large decks as well as business associates.

    • Length:220 ft
    • Guests: 400
    • Access to Fully equipped kitchen
    • Experienced captain and crew
    • Award Winning 5 Star Service

    Virgo Yacht

    Like a mountainous wave it sails, Virgo 88ft is significantly designed to embrace the marvelous events and cozy gathering. Virgo yacht is one of the luxurious super-yachts with custom-built interiors now available through Yacht Charter Dubai. The yacht is definitely an ideal choice and its interiors speak highly of world-class, fine materials, and fantastic taste.

    • Length: 88ft
    • Guests: 65
    • Access to Fully equipped kitchen
    • Experienced captain and crew
    • Award Winning 5 Star Service

    Big Daddy

    This 85 ft yacht is a stylish and elegant vessel ideal for noisy and fun parties. A yacht trip will make your vacation unforgettable, adding an exclusive twist. In Big Daddy, all living spaces are exquisitely designed and have huge open space areas. Enjoy the luxury at its peak.

    • Length: 85 ft
    • Guests: 45
    • Access to Fully equipped kitchen
    • Experienced captain and crew
    • Award Winning 5 Star Service

    Frequently Asked Questions

    6.45 Pm – 7.30 Pm Boarding From Pier 7, Dubai Marina
    10:30 Pm Drop Off at Pier 7 (Dubai Marina Mall)

    On this beautiful yacht, you may create lifelong memories. This yacht stands out from the crowd due to its impressive features, eye-catching design, and cutting-edge technology. Customers will be able to appreciate this new, cutting-edge design on board.

    Yes, you can easily book online tickets and you can book tickets on Marina as well


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